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Casa Particular in Cayo Sabinal

A Casa Particular in Cayo Sabinal or home stay on the island of Cayo Sabinal is not an option, primarily because there are not even any hotels on Cayo Sabinal at the moment. However, we offer casas in Nuevitas and several towns just a few kilometers from Cayo Sabinal which, combined with a Cuba rent a car, will have you on Playa Pinos Beach on Cayo Sabinal within an hour. The owners of your casa particular near Cayo Sabinal speak fluent English and have a profound knowledge of the island and its many sights. Any questions you wish to ask will be answered instantly by the Cuban family you are staying with. Some of our casa particulares also offer meals and drinks, meaning you’ll get to try some authentic Cuban food also.

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Car Rental Cayo Sabinal Cuba | Rent a Car Cayo Sabinal Cuba

Cayo Sabinal Car Rental Cuba

Getting to Cayo Sabinal in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago is easy if you rent a car. We have some incredible Car rental offers to allow you to visit Cayo Sabinal. The best vehicles for the stretch of road between Nuevitas and Cayo Sabinal’s Playa Pinos are Jeep or higher ground clearance vehicles, such as the 7 and 9 seat minivans we have available. Booking your Cuba Car Hire in advance is crucial to your trip and, by checking our rates and availability you’ll be able to find the car to suit your budget and ensure it is ready and waiting on the exact day and time you choose.

Book your car to visit Cayo Sabinal with Havanautos, CubaCAR, REX or Via Rent a Car now to avoid setbacks or unnecessary unplanned costs while you’re in Cuba.

Our exclusive Cuba-One-Way® program also caters for those of you who wish to collect your Cuban rent a car in say Havana and return it in another city, ensuring that your exact itinerary to visit Cayo Sabinal is organized in advance.

If you’d prefer a “one-price” offer, we have our FlexiDrive® Road Trip program. It includes both a rental car and hotel voucher to visit any hotel across Cuba within the program, drive at your own pace, without making forward bookings of more than 24 hours in advance and ensuring absolute freedom to discover our beautiful country. The FlexiDrive® package is available from 7 to 30 days, you decide the duration!

Car Rental Cayo Sabinal Cuba

Los Roques Cayo Sabinal

cuba cayo sabinal

Los Roques is located at Ensenada de Sabinal, a bay on Cayo Sabinal Camagüey, Cuba. Variant forms of spelling for Ensenada de Sabinal or in other languages: Bahía de las Carabelas, Ensenada de Sabinal, Bahia de las Carabelas, Bahía de las Carabelas, Ensenada de Sabinal.

Here we see one of the thousands of flamingos unfazed by human presence on this idyllic island called Cayo Sabinal

Los Roques Cayo Sabinal

Punta Piedra Coastline Cayo Sabinal

cuba cayo sabinal

Cayo Sabinal is virgin territory. If you’ve ever wanted to see a Caribbean island before tourism sets-in, then this is the place to go. This photo was taken from the sea just off the coast of Punta Piedra on Cayo Sabinal. It demonstrates how nature pushes its boundaries from flora to coastline. The lush palm trees skirting the sea, basically from where the beach ends, there’s a dense forest of palms. This beach is kilometers and kilometers of “nothing” other than this beauty. Walking along here is simply idyllic…

Punta Piedra Cayo Sabinal

Punta Piedra Cayo Sabinal

cuba cayo sabinal

Punta Piedra on Cayo Sabinal is a popular beach destination on the island. Several wooden cabins have been built using local materials with thatched palm leaf roofs. These buildings have washrooms (no wash basins) and some basic sitting areas if you are visiting this amazing beach. Nobody lives here so the cabins are for anybody’s use.
Cabins Punta Piedra on Cayo Sabinal

Close-up of the cabin with drifted sand against one side

Cabins Punta Piedra Cayo Sabinal

Commemorative Plaque 1849 Cayo Sabinal

cuba cayo sabinal

The plaque commemorating the building of the San Hilario Fortress on Cayo Sabinal says:

“Year of 1849. Queen Isabel II of Spain. Development Board Chaired By Captain General of the Island (Cuba) Federico Roncali. It started in 1847 being Captain General Leopoldo O’Donnell who directed this work by Army Engineers.”

Side note: Isabel II was the queen of Spain 10 October 1830 – 10 April 1904. She was queen regnant of Spain from 1843 until 1868. She came to the throne as an infant, however her succession was disputed by the Carlists, who refused to recognize a female sovereign, leading to the Carlist Wars. The island of Cayo Sabinal became a stronghold of these Carlist separatists and, oddly enough, these barracks where this plaque remains, were used as a base for their actions to topple the Spanish monarchy.

Plaque Cayo Sabinal Fort

Beacon at Faro Colon Cayo Sabinal

cuba cayo sabinal

They don’t make them like that anymore…This is the internal workings of the beacon at the Faro Colon lighthouse situated on Cayo Sabinal in Cuba. Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail. +160 years old!

Lighthouse Cayo Sabinal

Lighthouse Cayo Sabinal

cuba cayo sabinal

This is a close-up of the Lighthouse Faro Colon for more details of this Building at Punta de Maternillos see HERE

Lighthouse Cayo Sabinal Cuba