Driving to Cayo Sabinal Cuba

Driving to Cayo Sabinal

Getting to Cayo Sabinal by road is rather simple. This guide to driving to Cayo Sabinal starts from the Carretera Central, Cuba’s main central highway axis which extends through the center of the country. The guide assumes a direction north (Havana) to south (Santiago de Cuba) Cuba. When you arrive on the outskirts of Camaguey you will be able to border the city on the beltway loop (ring road) highway. Essentially, you don’t need to enter the city center. Head towards the town of Senado, as soon as you see signs for Redention and Nuevitas take that direction. Before entering Nuevitas you’ll take a left turn towards Lugareño. On that road you’ll see the right turn towards Cayo Sabinal.

Roads to Cayos in Cuba

The road to Cayo Sabinal

The 18km road is largely unpaved with several large potholes. Its a dusty limestone covered road so, wearing high contrast sunglasses will help you to see the road better, since its extremely white (bright). You’ll normally need a car with reasonable ground clearance like the Hyundai Santa Fe or Suzuki Vitara, especially if you want to negotiate the dirt road at a reasonable speed. These vehicles are also useful to venture along the roads on the island itself. However, if you are willing to take your time and, travel quite slowly, it can be achieved even in the smallest rent a car. In a smaller car (lower ground clearance) the drive just takes longer, since you need to constantly concentrate on the road ahead.

Road Playa Santa Lucia to Nuevitas

Visiting Cayo Sabinal from Nuevitas and Playa Santa Lucia

If you are staying in Nuevitas or Puerto Tarafa, it will take you less than 40 minutes to get to Playa Pinos Beach on Cayo Sabinal. If you are staying in Playa Santa Lucia, you’ll note there are numerous tours listed on the website to visit Cayo Sabinal by sea. However, driving to Cayo Sabinal is pretty easy. On most maps Cayo Sabinal looks to be connected to Playa Santa Lucia but, in fact, it isn’t. The road is great until San Miguel Baga and Nuevitas, you will then take the aforementioned directions to get to Cayo Sabinal on the same road mentioned.

Its very easy to be alone on Cayo Sabinal when you visit by car. Once you conclude the main road to the island, there are several minor roads taking you to different areas of the coast. Its a great place to explore and there’s lots of things to see and do.