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Excursions Cayo Sabinal Seafari Boat Trip

The Cayo Sabinal Seafari Excursion is an all day boat tour which departs from the hotels listed below from Santa Lucia Cuba. The price is 62 USD Adults and 29 USD Children up to 12 years old. Brisas Santa Lucia Club Amigo Caracol Santa Lucia Club Amigo Mayanabo Santa Lucia Hotel Costa Blanca Camaguey Hotel […]

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Flamingo Tour Cayo Sabinal

Cayo Sabinal’s virgin beaches are home to large colonies of Pink Flamingos. The Flamingos having chosen the South of Cayo Sabinal due to its rich fauna and ample feeding opportunities. You’ll see literally thousands of birds on the island, flocking in areas along the beaches and feeding in the undergrowth. Due to the virgin nature […]

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Faro Colon Cayo Sabinal

Faro Colon holds the accolade as being Cuba’s tallest lighthouse, located just 20km (12 miles) from the town of Nuevitas on the north coast of Cayo Sabinal. The Columbus lighthouse has a focal length of 53 meters (174 feet). It uses a white light which flashes every 15 seconds. Adjacent to the lighthouse is the […]

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Punta de Maternillos Cayo Sabinal

Legend has it that Punta de Maternillos is a place of buried treasures and great riches. The Columbus lighthouse (Faro Colon) was built in 1847 as observation post, the lighthouse beacon a savior for sailors passing through the treacherous Bahamas Channel on their way to Havana, Florida and Mexico. Further along the coast on Cayo […]

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